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Whitelisting an email simply means telling your email provider that you want emails from a specific sender to be allowed into your inbox rather than being filtered into the spam folder.

How to Whitelist in Gmail

Open your contacts list in Gmail. The fastest way is to visit the Google Contacts link.

On the Google Contacts page, select Create Contact and fill out the Create New Contact form and create a new contact for info@truveda.com and ash@truveda.com.

Gmail will send any incoming emails from addresses in your contact list directly to your inbox.

How to Whitelist in Yahoo

Whitelisting in Yahoo is similar to Gmail.

  • In Yahoo Mail, select the Contacts card icon in the upper right corner of your Inbox. 
  • Select New Contact in the left navigation pane.
  • Complete the Add Contact form with my name and email address. Select Save. 

Yahoo will no longer place incoming emails from this address into Spam.

How to Whitelist in Outlook

Open your Outlook Online contacts by clicking the Applications icon at the upper left corner of the window then select People.

Fill out the New Contact form for both info@trueveda.com and ash@truveda.com and when you're done, select Create.

Any email address listed in your Outlook contacts won't go to the Spam folder.

How to Whitelist in Comcast

Like the other email providers, an easy way to keep friends out of the Spam box is to add them to your contact list. 

To add a Comcast contact - also known as Xfinity - log into your email account and select Address Book in the top menu.

Select the Create Contact icon, then complete and save the form. An even faster way to whitelist emails of all of your friends is to import contacts from your other accounts.

When you click on Address Book, you'll see an Import contacts link in the left navigation pane. Click Get Started to import existing contacts from your other accounts like Gmail or Outlook.

How to Whitelist in AOL

AOL considers all email addresses a user has in their contact list to be trustworthy. 

This means that the contact list in AOL essentially serves the same purpose as Gmail whitelist and Outlook whitelist.

Log in to your AOL account and open Contacts from the left navigation pane. Click the New Contact icon and enter the required information. Click the Add Contact button at the bottom.

How to Whitelist in Zoho

Login to Zoho Mail and go to Settings.

Locate the Anti-Spam List, click on the Email Address tab and then click on Whitelist/Blacklist Emails.

Click the Add new whitelist email field, enter the address and press the Enter key.

How to Whitelist in Protonmail

  • Log in to your ProtonMail account and go to the Settings section. 
  • Click the Filters tab. Select Add New Filter under the Whitelist section.
  • Enter the email address and click Save.

If you don’t see your email provider in this list or you have any questions, reach out to us at info@trueveda.com.


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