Our Sustainability Promise

We’re constantly looking for new ways that True Veda can have a positive world impact.

Ethical Awards

The Ethical Company Organisation has certified us as an ethically accredited company.

They are the only company to verify ethical and corporate social responsibility across the 3 key areas of Environment, Animals and People, and have been helping customers get to the root of the ethical issues that matter, for almost two decades. Check out our ranking in the Vitamins Category.

We only received a modest 100%!!

We are officially one of the highest ranked ethical supplement brands on the market.

Aside from our supplements being certified organic, meaning they contain ZERO chemicals or preservatives and are 100% pure, this ethical accreditation tells you that manufacturing processes and the lasting impacts we have on the world are just as wholesome.

Carbon Neutral

We aim to become a fully carbon neutral company.

Our goals include offsetting all shipping emissions by planting over 75 different tree species across the world, and planting fruit-bearing trees such as mangos and avocados in poorer communities to create food forests.

Clean Manufacturing

Our products are manufactured in state of the art GMP/BRC certified facilities, to ensure all regulatory compliance requirements are met, and so products are manufactured to high safety standards.

 And we use only natural processes to manufacture our supplements.

Our “Natural Fusion Extract®” process uses only clean water to extract the highest concentrations of the key nutrients from the raw ingredients. Absolutely nothing is wasted and nothing harmful is added at any stage.


We use ONLY RECYCLED materials to make FULLY RECYCLABLE packaging for our products and NO PLASTIC.

We have also invested in AMBER GLASS LIGHT SEAL™ technology so as well as being recyclable our jars also promote longer lasting shelf life when exposed to the sun.

We don’t want any part of our packaging to end up in a landfill, or block a poor little sea turtle’s throat, once the supplements are all gone. I’m sure you wouldn’t want this either, so please remember that the glass bottle, the metal lid, and the outer cardboard box can all be recycled.

Supporting Small Farms

We PROUDLY support small farms in India.

We give back socially by only sourcing the finest organic ingredients for our supplements from farmers in India and Sri Lanka. Giving them fair trade for their hard labour.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.