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The Akshaya Patra Foundation

True Veda is proud to support
The Akshaya Patra Foundation — 

the world’s largest non-profit school meal provider. Akshaya Patra is an amazing organization that provides a hot, nourishing and life-changing school lunch to over 1.8 million children across India every day, helping those kids to gain the lifelong gift of education and to build a brighter future.

We have personally chosen to sponsor the 98-Bombay Colony, Kapodara (M) Udia Mix School in Surat. Surat is a town in India that is very near to where Ash’s parents grew up, a place he has visited, so he holds a great affinity to the area and wanted to give back to that community.

True Veda in combination with Akshaya Patra are able to serve hot, nourishing and life-changing meals to 230 children in this school every single day. 

Many of these students (around 130 boys and 100 girls) come from underprivileged backgrounds, with parents often working as daily labourers who are not able to afford the nutritionally dense and diverse food their child needs.

The daily hot and fresh meals provided from local kitchens encourage the children to come to school and give them the energy to learn better and play happily, potentially transforming their lives.

Hear the heart warming thoughts from the school children themselves below.

Since March 2021, Akshaya patra sponsors have provided over 2.65 million meals, supporting 285 schools across India. Ensuring that 11,400 pupils received nutritious meals on a daily basis throughout the academic year.The sponsorship we provide to the 98-Bombay Colony, Kapodara (M) Udia Mix School alone has so far provided 53,360 meals!

This foundation does truly incredible work and the whole team here at True Veda are so proud to sponsor them.

 Akshaya Patra’s vision is that no child should be deprived of education because of hunger. One in three of the world’s malnourished children live in India, and malnourishment kills 3,000 children every day.

And did you know that YOU can contribute to this amazing cause too?

As well as sponsoring a school True Veda also has a 1-FOR-1 programme with The Akshaya Patra Foundation. Where we donate one school lunch for every True Veda purchase that YOU make!

“One school lunch for a child in India for EVERY SINGLE PURCHASE made directly from our store!”

So be safe in the knowledge that your purchase is helping your health and wellness goals as well as doing a greater good in the world. Take care of a child’s health while looking after your own.

To learn more about The Akshaya Patra Foundation’s tireless hard work, please visit their website and support them in whatever way you can.

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