My wife and I founded True Veda® in 2015 after being frustrated with other low quality cheap supplements on the market that were full of rubbish like additives, fillers and binders. The idea of True Veda® was to introduce the amazing benefits of Ayurveda to a wider audience. Ayurveda originated in India and is considered one of the oldest traditional systems of health and wellness. It has been around for over five thousand years as opposed to modern medicine which has only been around for the last century. We truly believe in Ayurveda’s core values of prevention over cure. Stop firefighting when your health fails and start taking action now!


Having children really put perspective in our life. We just wanted the best for our children from the food we ate to what we put on our bodies. This is how our business started we wanted to create premium supplements that focus on being as close to nature as possible. Additionally, we wanted to give back to the world so we try and be sustainable and ethical as possible and always a portion of our profits go back to make the world a better place. Armed with our vision “Our World, Your Health”, we started a mission to shake up the health industry for the better.


We were told by industry experts that the only viable way to create a supplement was to take low concentrated ingredients and mix with synthetic fillers and binders to make manufacturing process as efficient as possible. We refused to compromise – we knew there must be another better way to be able to offer consumers products that contained the highest quality ingredients that really were organic, pure and unadulterated.

Staying true to the consumer and creating products that made it that little bit easier for consumers to live a healthy lifestyle was what it was all about. After a lot of searching we finally found the organic ingredients and the clean manufacturing processes that we were looking for. We developed an innovative process called “Natural Fusion Extract®” where we took the best elements of the plants to create a really concentrated form to give you the most benefit. This technique locks in the goodness while keeping out the nasty solvents that are typically used, and when coupled with the best organic ingredients we could find, produced some amazing supplements.

The True Veda® range is now available online for shipping worldwide, come take a look here.