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Menopause Bundle

$70.97 17% savings

True Veda® is proud to present the visionary Menopause bundle made up of our unique Organic Menoharmony blend, our Organic Moringa SuperPlant™ and our innovative Organic Holy Basil with all-natural Vitamin B6 to sustain our gentle female customers through this normal stage of life.

🧬 Innovative natural researched formula*
💫 Suitable for perimenopause, menopause and postmenopause*
🫶 Aids body to cope with menopause symptoms*
🥬 Provides daily intake of Vitamin B6*
🌀 Boost energy *
🫒 Complements all balanced diets*


“I finally feel my best after adding True Veda supplements to my daily routine! I know I'm getting a pure, natural, holistic supplement that has no fillers. My immunity and focus have never been better. True Veda is a new staple in my lifestyle!”

Rachel B, Verified Customer

88 awards won so far!


Regain Natural Balance

Menopause is a normal stage of life but nonetheless it is also a challenging one, when bodies and spirit are confronted with numerous changes. Women need to embrace this period with patience but also equipped with the right ammunition to stay on top of things. 

Here is where the True Veda Menopause bundle comes to the rescue. A powerful combination of three products, widely researched with proven effects on numerous consumers using the most powerful Ayurveda plants, will offer you targeted aid to navigate the strenuous period of menopause.

Our unique Organic MenoHarmony, a strong combination of five potent Ayurvedic plants in a formula that has been extensively researched and tested by numerous customers, will help you tackle the nasty menopause symptoms like nightsweats, hotflashes, mood changes, etc. Organic Moringa, our SuperPlant™ has been widely recognized as a superfood that boosts energy levels with the aid of its numerous beneficial natural compounds like vitamins & minerals. 

These products create a must-have trio for women during perimenopause, menopause and postmenopause that want to enjoy a normal life.

Try this targeted product combination and regain your natural balance!   

We source directly from Indian farms and not cheap third party bulk ingredient suppliers.

We don’t cut corners meaning we are certified organically globally.

Manufactured in state of the art GMP facilities and independently tested by laboratories at three stages of production.

We offer a risk-free happiness guarantee with every order.

Super Star Products

No Fillers. No Nasties. Just the Good Stuff.


Organic MenoHarmony

A Natural Fusion Extract®️ food supplement that blends highest-grade organic herbal extracts, suitable for women during menopause.


Organic Moringa

A Natural Fusion Extract®️ food supplement using the highest grade Organic Moringa, that helps to maintain a normal metabolism and energy levels.


Organic Holy Basil

Holy Basil, also known as Tulsi, is an aromatic shrub from India and known within Ayurveda as “The Queen of Herbs”.

We offer a risk-free happiness guarantee with every order.

What’s the alternative?

Our bodies are not efficient - only a small amount of what we consume actually gets absorbed into our bodies. As a result, the supplements that we take produce little to no result. Try True Veda formulated to increase absorption rates by up to 90%.

True Veda

  • Powerful concentrated extracts
  • Only best of crop ingredients
  • With ingredients that enhance benefits
  • Gentle on the stomach
  • Ethical, sustainable and giving back


  • Low cost ingredient powders
  • Nasty preservatives and additives present
  • Fillers and binders that add zero benefit
  • Cause nausea for some people
  • No consideration for the world


Everything You Need To Know

True Veda capsules contain...ZERO fillers, ZERO additives and ZERO preservatives. 100% natural and just full of the good stuff. Can be taken before, with, or after a meal. Can also be broken down and added to smoothies or drinks.




True Veda Organic MenoHarmony Supplement Facts

Changing the lives of

Changing the lives of  1900 people!


“I was so frustrated as I spent so many years looking for a vitamin c supplement that was suitable for my body and came from a wholefood source. I tried what seems like every single vitamin C product. I came across True Veda Amla Vitamin C and I had little hope it would work. I have been taking it for a week and it has been AMAZING…absolutely no stomach ache whatsoever. I highly recommend this to people and they have a customer for life!”


“I have been taking their supplements for 2 years and you can totally trust what you put into your body as everything is organic and of the highest quality which I absolutely love. I started taking Ashwagandha to tackle my anxiety and stress and it really was amazing. The packaging is awesome and they are just fantastic products that I would highly recommend”


“I thought it would take some time to notice anything different when taking these Moringa capsules…but my energy levels improved and I could get through my entire day without any pick me ups or naps.Easy to swallow, no bad taste and I’ll definitely get more of these to keep it in my daily routine.“


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I know this supplement is truly organic?

This product is certified organic with the UK organic body called Soil Association and the USA organic body called USDA. This is visible by the organic organization logos and codes displayed on the product packaging.

What is the shelf life for this product?

The shelf life of this product is three years from point of manufacture and the expiry date can be found printed on the side of the bottle and bottom of the carton.

What are the shipping and delivery charges?

UK – Free Standard Shipping for all orders above £30, otherwise £5.12 postage and packaging fees apply.

USA – Free Standard Shipping for all orders above $40, otherwise $13.95 postage and packaging fees apply.

Europe Standard Shipping: 19.97 EUR
- Orders below 150 EUR: VAT is charged at checkout for products and shipping.
- Orders above 150 EUR: Import Duties and VAT are calculated and are paid directly to the delivery provider or local customs authority at time of delivery.

If you are a customer outside the UK/USA regions and depending on the delivery country's legislation, customs fees/import duties may apply. Since Brexit, customs and import duty fees are now applicable for all orders above 150 EUR. As each country's legislation differs and rates differ, we cannot asses the value of the customs fees/import duties. If you will have to pay any additional fees, the delivery provider or local customs authority will advise on the amount before delivery.

However, if you have specific queries related to True Veda’s shipping/delivery/VAT fees, contact us at info@trueveda.com and we will try our best to answer these.

How long will the shipping and delivery take?

Orders placed before 1pm during weekdays will be dispatched same day. Shipping times to the UK and USA will usually require 1-3 days based on the courier. EU and the rest of the world may take anywhere between 5-20 working days for delivery because of customs formalities that are totally outside of our control. We advise keeping a close eye on the tracking link once we provide this and contacting the delivery provider or local customs authority in case of delays to expedite the process.

Can you give me more details about your refund and return policy?

Sure…our refund and returns policy can be found here.

How long will it take for the supplement to take effect?

Seeing that it is an organic product, made solely by plant extract, it may take several weeks for you to notice the benefits and we recommend using the products long term to reap the most out of them. Each person's body chemistry is different and this is why our supplement might not have the same effects on everyone and the duration to experience the benefits might differ. 

What if I am not satisfied with the product?

This is where our Happiness Guarantee comes in! Reach out to info@trueveda.com and let us know your experience with the product and we’ll find a resolution to keep you happy!

Do you test your products for contaminants such as heavy metals, micro-bacterial contaminants and pesticides?

YES! Every single batch of our products are tested at THREE different stages of the production process using independent laboratories for micro bacterial contaminants, heavy metals and pesticides to ensure there is NEVER any risk of contamination. Reach out to us at info@trueveda.com with the batch number of your product and we will be able to provide you evidence of the testing results. So, you can see we are extremely focused on safety of our products that we supply to our customers and we challenge you to find anyone that goes to this extent of testing.

Building Brighter Futures

1-For-1 Giving Back

True Veda is proud to support the work of The Akshaya Patra Foundation. 

We guarantee that for every purchase made, we provide a fresh, nutritious school lunch to a child in India.


Fall in Love with Our Products or Your Money Back!

60 Days Risk-Free Guarantee. When you receive one of our products, we have a very simple promise - fall in love with it within 60 days or get a refund (Minus shipping and handling, when applicable). No questions asked.  If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a full refund.

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* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.