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(Offer is open only to UK and USA customers and strictly limited to one coupon per Amazon account and household*)

Here’s What Some of Our Tribe Members Are Saying...


"My daughter is a nutritionist and it was on her suggestion I bought these supplements to deal with a few stresses in my life. The doctor offered me antidepressants which I tried but was not for me. These supplements have given me the best sleep for months and I feel a lot more calmer in myself.  I don’t normally do reviews but in this case I felt I had to. What more can I say, they are working for me."


"Wasn't sure they worked so didn't bother getting another bottle when they finished. Noticed the difference after a few weeks! Low mood, less active, more prone to moaning and grumpy in general. So True Veda is now my go-to brand of supplements!"


"I've been using this brand for a very long time now. Since week one I noticed a difference and since then it just gets better. I am so much calmer in my thoughts and actions. Like with life stresses, work pressures, conflicts, medical concerns. I just seem to be so much more in control. I've tried many other brands but this one is a clear winner! Perfectly safe herbs and so natural! ♡♡♡♡♡"

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay anything to join the VIP club?

Currently, there is absolutely NO charge, NO hidden fees, NO trial subscription and even NO credit card required (although this may change at any time in the future!). So apply now to reap all the benefits of our club.

So, what’s the catch? Do I have to do anything to qualify?

You must have bought one of our products at full price from or our official Amazon seller account and you must be resident in the UK or USA. If that's the case you are eligible to apply. We may on occasions ask you to give us your honest and open feedback on your experience with the purchased product to allow us to improve the products even further...although not mandatory this would really help us.

How long will it take to receive my coupon?

If you get approved for the VIP club we will aim to email your coupon within 48 hours (usually faster!)

What are the conditions of use for the 50% coupon?

The 50% coupon is valid only at and is only redeemable against ONE product and not your entire order. Only one coupon can be claimed per household and Amazon Account, regardless of the number or versions of products you have purchased. The purchase date of the order should NOT be older than the maximum of 3 months before claiming this promotion. Full terms & conditions that apply are shown on the footer of this page.

Why can't I have a 50% coupon for every product I purchase?

The 50% coupon is just a little THANK YOU to welcome you to our VIP club and as a small company, we just can't afford to give every customer more than one coupon code as it wouldn't be sustainable for our business. We do get a few people trying to cheat us and take advantage of our generosity so I hope this explanation goes some way to justify why we take this approach.

How do I contact you with other questions of queries?

Please email us at

For a Limited Time Join the VIP Club For FREE

* Conditions Apply: Offer only valid for UK and USA residents who purchased True Veda products at full price from or our official seller account on Amazon. Offer subject to cancellation or change at any time. Limited to only one coupon per household and only one coupon per Amazon account. Leaving a product review is totally optional and in no way is this tied to the eligibility of being approved for the VIP club or receiving the coupon. The offer can be claimed in maximum 3 months from the order date. The offer only applies to one product per purchase and not the entire order. The offer does not apply to subscription products or bundles of any kind. By participating in this offer you agree that True Veda can use your first name and your feedback in future marketing campaigns.