Translated from Sanskrit it has the meaning of “three fruits”, composed of the fruits of Organic Amalaki, Organic Bibhitaki and Organic Haritaki. A supplement used traditionally in Ayurveda for centuries to nourish and rejuvenates the body. Made from the highest quality Organic Triphala extract. We have pioneered and patented a technology that combines CO2 and water based extracts to create a new generation of supplement that have all the plants active components but extracted from natures plants in the most natural way. With this technology, we create an extremely concentrated supplement that provides your body with the nutrients and support it needs to live optimally. This holistic supplement delivers the wisdom of nature with a little going a long way! Click here for more details.


Amla is a sour-tasting gooseberry-like fruit that originates in India and contains a very high concentration of vitamin C, one of the highest known in the plant kingdom – twenty times that of an orange! More importantly, the vitamin C contained in the Amla fruit is stabilized by the presence of tannins, which help Amla to maintain its vitamin content even through processing. Our newest game-changing True Veda® Natural Vitamin C from Amla is the world’s first non-synthetic supplement to give you 100% of your daily Vitamin C requirements in the most natural form. Why would you have it any other way? Click here for more details.


Turmeric, the main spice in curry, is arguably the most powerful herb on the planet! It has so many properties and even modern medicine’s clinical trials prove the great benefits of Turmeric that we already knew. One of our proudest creations is the True Veda® Turmeric Gold product which retains curcuminoids, turmeric essential oils and a full range of turmeric active ingredients. This means we harness the effects of over 200 of turmeric’s bioactive compounds, not just those of the curcuminoids. Our state of the art extraction process and the addition of organic ginger and black pepper really enhances absorption and substantially increase potency. Click here for more details.


A supplement used traditionally in Ayurveda to nourish the mind and give yourself a sense of peacefulness. Also known as Withania Somnifera or Indian Ginseng it will empower you to lead a stress-free, healthy lifestyle and to obtain the most out of life! KSM-66 Ashwagandha ingredients which have been created via a process that took 15 years to develop and refine to deliver a full-spectrum root extract that is at least three times the potency compared to other brands. Being Organically Certified by the USDA and Soil Association also guarantee’s a pesticide-free, chemical free product which is 100% natural for your body and the environment. Click here for more details.


Let’s face it, nothing will melt pounds off of you. However, nature has provided us with ways to gently boost our metabolisms and get us moving! Green tea has been used for centuries in Indian cultures to promote a sense of healthyness. True Veda Green Tea is loaded with polyphenol catechins and Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) to provide Gentle all day energy with no jitters! Many have described the response from Green Tea as “stable” and “steady.” You’ll get gentle energy that lasts throughout the day without the jitters and crash that high-caffeine products and supplements will have. You’ll be surprised at how productive you can be when you feel at one with yourself. Click here for more details.


Pomegranate’s are among the healthiest fruits on earth. They contain a range of beneficial plant compounds, unrivalled by other foods and many studies have shown that they have incredible benefits for your body. There are two unique substances in pomegranates which are Punicalagins and Punicic Acid – both of which you will find in abundance in the True Veda® Pomegranate extract. The substances are so powerful that pomegranate juice has been found to have three times the antioxidant activity of red wine and green tea! Use our version of the Pomegranate extract to nourish your heart so you can carry on loving. Click here for more details.